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About Pelican Ventures

Pelican Ventures is a private investment fund focused on start-up and early stage investments in the P&C insurance industry.  Our team actively works with visionary entrepreneurs to originate, develop, shape and grow the most promising insurance concepts into impactful insurance businesses.  We help find the right product and market fit, leverage human and financial capital, and provide ongoing operational advisory and support, freeing the entrepreneur to focus on building sustainable businesses.

What We Do

We are investors with deep insurance domain expertise

We have an extensive network of relationships with start-ups, accelerators, insurers, reinsurers, brokers, insurance service providers and rating agencies.  We work with you to develop new relationships, create and support new initiatives, and help you achieve your key business objectives.

We like to invest early and prefer a majority position

Pelican can provide staged capital so that founders can focus on growing their businesses profitably.  It is not uncommon for us to be the only outside capital in deals in which we engage.

We invest for the

Our evergreen capital has no fund liquidity pressure — any investment we make is with the intention of leading all follow-on investments.

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